Mlle. Sugar Bone, Viscountess of Florence - LLC

Likes cats.

General Malaise (Chad) - LLC

I camped with C.O.L.D. Camp at my first several burns, beginning in 2009.  I am a founding member of the latest iteration of Chupacabra Policia (version 3.0).  

I am currently a managing member of NTXB, LLC.  I joined NTXB, LLC as an intern in 2014 during All Out War.  I have been an active managing member since shortly after that event and am entering my second year of active duty at the event.  Prior to accepting my current position I served as City Planning lead for Myschievia from 2012 through 2014, along with actively participating in work weekends to prepare the land and extend available camping to accommodate growth.  As a result of my experience, I concentrate on the City CAMPS, primarily, as a liaison between those departments and NTXB, LLC.
I joined the LLC in order to take an active role in promoting the sustainability and extension of an event that I love.  I strive to ensure that our business conduct is above board, transparent, and allows for the continuation of the event into the future.  Additionally, I attempt to make myself available to all individuals in our community in order to advocate on their behalf and ensure the feeling of safety and security throughout the event.
I am immensely proud of our community for adopting the 11th (and currently only) principle of consent as its primary aim.  Our community needs active voices in the fight to ensure that consent becomes endemic across the entirety of the event, and its many applicable context.  When participants feel that consent has been breached, I consider myself to be an immediate outlet to listen to, evaluate, and appropriately escalate such issues.  It has been a major concentration of myself, and the LLC as whole, to promote an environment of active and enthusiastic consent and to respond to the breaches of that principle.
Moving forward, I am hopeful that we, as a community, are able to officially adopt and codify the other ten principles typically associated with the burn community.  The North Texas Burner community embodies the ten principles in its behavior, its literature, and deeply within its ethos.  It will be my aim to ensure that our codified mission reflects these principles which are so deeply ingrained in the event itself and our community activities throughout the year.
Fuck yer burn.  Hail Satan.  Love and Motherfucking Light.

Vern “Soccer Mom” - LLC

SoccerMom is the result of a Y2K bug that 'accidentally' fell into a barrel of radioactive rum. For years, she enlisted kids into the short-lived and everlasting Soup Soccer Leauge, a real sports cult hiding in plain sight, masquerading as real people involved in the not-cult known as Flipside, and mostly just playing volleyball and 'tennis'. Residing in the City of Lost Dreams, a crack team of sports drink researchers were soon testing products on estranged appliances and abandonded TV sets tossed to the curb like so much rotten meat. Soon, this art was to be melded with certain prank sciences stolen from Corporate life. This led to the creation of the infernal 40 oz. beverage product known as NTXB, LLC in 2005. Declaring themselves Myschievians, the poor souls who tested this product were mutated far beyond 'default' levels. All of the researchers 'accidentaly' drank the product during the original taste test challenge, having been told it was Gatorade. The experience compelled them to start a new sports cult known as Myschievia. SoccerMom continued her recruiting efforts at the coaching level for years, and you can tell that she's been drinking the stuff the whole time. Try explaining Robert's rules of order to her and she'll probably spill exotic research drinks on your menfolk miming a drooling soccer ball and ranting about the good ol' Soups.












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