NTXB Formal Grievance Process


NTXB strives to provide an environment where participants can solve their conflicts with the help of their community, but we recognize that that isn’t always possible. In those cases, you may file a formal grievance directly with NTXB.

To do so, choose any current Batcave or LLC member to act as your advocate. Contact your advocate and communicate to them your contact information, your grievance, any steps you took to resolve the issue with the other party, and any additional information that may be helpful.


The NTXB community may act “Myschievious”, but that simply reflects our strong belief in consensual play. We are building an intentional space, and we need your help to do so. If you encounter a real problem, SAY SOMETHING. We hold every participant to the same standards, and we take every complaint extremely seriously.

Once you have contacted your advocate, here is what to expect over the following 1-2 weeks:

  1. Within 48 hours, your advocate will respond to acknowledge that your complaint was received. If you do not hear back within that time frame, you may choose between forwarding your message onto a new advocate, or following up with your existing advocate to determine what is causing the delay.

  2. Your advocate will share a brief synopsis of the situation with the rest of NTXB Leadership (LLC & Batcave). All of these volunteers will have signed nondisclosure agreements, and will not share any personally identifying information about complaints without gaining advanced knowledge and permission. If your complaint is regarding a member of NTXB leadership, the synopsis will only be shared with the leadership team not containing the accused party.

  3. Leadership will discuss the situation and generate a list of follow-up questions for the investigation. They will also appoint a Defending Advocate for the accused party. The Defending Advocate will inform the accused party of the investigation, and act as their primary contact for the investigation.

  4. Your advocate will choose two people from leadership to serve as the Investigating Team. This team will be chosen to be as fair and impartial as possible. For example, if the complaint was regarding a Ranger, it would be appropriate to select people not directly involved with the Ranger organization. Investigating Team selection will be subject to both your approval and the approval of the Defending Advocate.


After the 1-2 week team selection process completes, the Investigating Team will apply the FLAME technique. The time required for this will vary by case. If you have questions or need an update, contact your advocate:


Find Out: The Investigating Team will study the written complaint and follow-up questions provided and create a list of points to investigate.

Listen: The Investigating Team will seek the three sides of the story: yours, the accused's, and witnesses'. The Investigating Team will seek your consent prior to approaching potential witnesses, and anyone approached will be asked to maintain confidentiality.

Analyze: Once the information has been gathered, the Investigating Team will analyze it and make recommendations to either Mediate or Mandate.

Mediate:If the situation can be resolved through mediation, the Investigating Team will work with the Advocates to help both parties find a solution.

Mandate:If a rule has clearly been violated, LLC will listen to recommendations from the Investigating Team and will act to apply an appropriate response, up to and including a permanent ban from all NTXB events.

Explain:Any decision will be explained to all parties. If a Mediation, Advocates will explain. If a Mandate, LLC will do so. A record of the decision will be stored in NTXB archives for a period of five years.

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